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I have taken part in numerous talks and debates at political organisations, as well as the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe and the 2019 Imagine Belfast festival. My recent talks and interviews include:

06/04/21: The humanist case against patriotism, North Yorkshire Humanist Society 

05/04/21: Karyn Hay, Radio New Zealand - radio interview

29/03/21: Amanda Vanstone, ABC RN - radio interview

22/11/20: Marc Dolan, Talk Radio - radio interview

18/11/20: Nihal Arthanayake, BBC 5 live - radio interview

31/10/20: BBC World Service - radio interview

24/11/19: The Silenced Revolution: Women and the French RevolutionPreviously… Scotland’s History Festival, Edinburgh

12/11/19: The humanist case against patriotism, Fife Humanist Society

26/03/19: The problem with patriotismImagine Belfast Festival of Politics and Ideas

04/10/18: Is there room for patriotism in the EU? University of Edinburgh

08/08/18: The problem with patriotism, Edinburgh Fringe

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