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Past Mistakes: How We Misinterpret History and Why it Matters


My first book, Past Mistakes: How We Misinterpret History and Why it Matters, was published by Icon Books in November 2020.

It explores some of the biggest myths, mysteries and misconceptions about the past – from the legacies of figures like Pythagoras and Christopher Columbus, to the realities of life in the gun-toting Wild West – and discovers how prejudices, hoaxes and misinterpretations have whitewashed entire chapters of history, dismissed and demonised female leaders, and invented entire civilisations. Past Mistakes shows just how relevant the past is today.

A welcome ally in the fight against fake history. Mountain busts some of history's most pervasive myths with great reverence for exciting historical findings, but most importantly with real passion for the possibilities that accurate history allows. A more colourful past is waiting for us to accept it, and Mountain shows how we can get there with humour and real passion for the subject.

Eleanor Janega, medieval historian & author of The Middle Ages: A Graphic History

‘Past Mistakes takes what we think we remember from history class and sets the record straight! Definitely worth reading if you’re ready to have your mind blown and then be filled with rage that you’ve been hoodwinked for this long.’


The Tiny Activist


You can buy your copy at WaterstonesAmazon and Book Depository now.

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