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Here you can find a complete list of my published articles:

'Greenwashing God: The Danger of Religious EnvironmentalismFree Inquiry, February 2022.

'Environmentalism and the Fringe.' Skeptical Inquirer, June 2021

'The Trouble With Owls.' The Skeptic, 23/04/21

'Are You Smarter Than an 800-year-old?' The Skeptic, 29/03/21

The Myth of Ancient Environmental Wisdom.Areo, 02/03/21

The Climate Crisis Can't Just Be Another Soapbox For the Left.Are We Europe, 24/09/20

Is Our Love of Convenience Harming Us?Are We Europe, 03/09/19

A Restless History of Europe.Are We Europe, 23/01/19
Could we force politicians to tell the truth?Transformation, 13/01/19

The Women Behind The Remembrance Poppy.Nadja, 08/11/18

The Humanist Case Against Patriotism.Free Inquiry, October/November print edition 2018 

The Women’s March on Versailles.Nadja, 14/07/18

‘In defence of treason.’ Latterly, June print edition 2018

Culture is appropriation.Are We Europe, 07/06/18

Why liberals should abandon patriotism.Oxford Culture Review, 27/05/18

European patriotism isn’t the answer.Are We Europe, 02/05/18

The Dangers of Patriotism: Remembering Robert Prager.The Humanist, 04/04/18

Patriotism and the past: Three terrible history lessons Australia Day can teach us.Politics Means Politics, 26/01/18

Patriotism and xenophobia.Politics Means Politics, 06/01/18

The Krainer Sausage Saga.Are We Europe, 20/12/17

Patriotic education is textbook propaganda.Open Democracy, 01/11/17

Nationality or Non-existence?Are We Europe, 17/10/2017

The Patriotic Broadcasting Corporation.Politics Means Politics, 30/06/17

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